Chinese New Year Celebrations – Year of the Dog

Kung Hei fat Choi !
The children have been learning about Chinese New Year. They have been finding out about why each year is named after an animal. The book ‘The Great Race’, explained the reason. They named the 12 animals and put them in order. They have been trying to use chopsticks and really learnt about being resilient and how to help others by sharing the story Cleversticks. We made dragons on a small and large scale. Plus, lanterns. They even had a go at writing Chinese symbols. In maths we learnt about ordinal numbers ( 1st, 2nd etc). Plus ordering numbers to 20. The lanterns the children had to cut their A$ card in half, then cut 2 pieces in half and finally 4 pieces in half. They knew the amount doubled each time. A sample of the fantastic work and the learning experiences they had are on display outside the classroom. We made New Year cards and filled envelopes with choclate money. We discovered red and gold are very important colours during New Year.

Learning in Reception

This week we have been reading The Gruffalo’s Child by Julia Donaldson. The shadow of the mouse looks big and bad and scares the Gruffalo’s Child away. The children have been exploring shadows and asking questions.
What makes a shadow? Why is my shadow long and thin? What do you need to make a shadow?